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Welcome to Verado Home and Pet Sitting.

Pet SittingVerado Home and Pet Sitting has been in business since 2006.  Located in St. Albans, VT but, serving Franklin and Chittenden Counties and soley owned by Debbie Jensen.

When you hire Verado Home and Pet Sitting to care for your pets or your home, you are hiring Debbie only. Verado Home and Pet Sitting does not have other employees.  The business is insured and bonded. References are available upon request.

All pet sitting is done in your home to ensure your pets are in their most comfortable environment. Verado Home and Pet Sitting is dedicated to providing your pets with the love and care they deserve while you are away.


I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and your pets!”

-Debbie Jensen

Verado Home and Pet Sitting

Available Pet Services: 

Pet ServicesDaily visits, which include feeding, watering, playtime, walks and lots of hugs.

Overnight stays. Ask for details of overnight stays.

All fees include multiple pets, administration of meds/shots, mail/newspaper pick up.


$15.00 per daily visit
$50.00 per overnight stay
$10.00 plus .47C per mile for taxi service

Verado Home and Pet Sitting

Home Care Services:

Home CareChecks include: running water in all  sinks, flushing toilets, checking for leaks,  mail/newspaper pick up, watering plants. Other services requested which are not included in the above will be considered and there may be an additional charge depending on the service requested. 


$15.00 per visit or
$100.00 Monthly

Verado Home and Pet Sitting

Helpful Hints!

Allergies!  The scratching, itching, biting season is here.  What to do when your dog or cat is doing all of the above or even if one of the symptoms is present? 

Homeopathic remedies include:  omega 3 oils, such as fish oil, vitamin E or other over the counter omega 3 remedies from your local pet store.  

I have found that spooning about 2 to 3 tablespoons of locally hived bee honey over my dogs food at each feeding has alleviated most if not all of the seasonal allergies they experience.     

The effect of the honey takes at least 2-3 months.  So, start now.  I buy my honey at Costco.  

If your pet does not get any relief from the homeopathic remedies, or it's symptoms are too serious, such as scratching themselves raw, bleeding from self-inflicted wounds or other serious symptoms, please contact your vet at once.  And, I do mean at once.

Keep your pet indoors as much as possible during the blooming season.  !!  

A healthy pet owner owns a healthy pet!  Stay well.      



Verado Home and Pet Sitting

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